Divimove breaks into the performance business

Maximum brand safety through long-standing personal relations. This is what Europe’s leading online video company, Divimove, is promising as it enters the performance marketing business on YouTube. Divimove’s in-house agency, Brandboost by Divimove, now enables advertisers to boost the performance of their Influencer campaigns or brand channels by offering media services on YouTube. To this end, the agency’s team can draw on more than 1,200 YouTube channels from Divimove’s influencer network, delivering a combined monthly reach of over 1.5 billion views.

The playout of digital advertising messages in critical environments can permanently damage advertising brands. “Algorithms of platforms alone, cannot be relied on to place advertisements in an environment that is suited to the brand in question. We maintain a personal approach. For years, Brandboost has been working with Divimove’s influencer network, the largest in Europe, and has direct access to over 1,200 YouTube channels covering all genres. Our familiarity with not just channels’ content, but also the characters behind them, enables us to exercise optimal control when placing advertisements. Accordingly, we pledge to safely play out ads in a brand-friendly environment without any subsequent unpleasant surprises”, explains Peter Gamelkoorn, Head of Performance at Brandboost by Divimove.

The Divimove Influencer network on YouTube, through which advertisements can now be implemented exclusively with Brandboost by Divimove, gives advertisers access to more than 1.5 billion views and 160 million subscribers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. When serving pre-rolls, display banners and overlays on YouTube, Brandboost by Divimove relies on a wide-ranging advertising environment broken down into themes such as food, beauty, gaming, fitness and technology. The best-known channels include Germany’s largest food channel, SallysTortenWelt, as well as NikkieTutorials, one of the largest international beauty channels, with around 7 million subscribers.

The launch of the performance business expands Brandboost by Divimove’s services onto YouTube, fulfilling the agency’s ambition to become a stronger 360° agency for communication solutions in the online video sector. Being a full service agency for ideas, concepts, strategies, production, influencers and performance, the agency and its team of experts gives advertising partners an opportunity to harness the potential of online video platforms like YouTube for their professional benefit and brand communication.

Performance in a few numbers:

·         Exclusive marketing via Europe’s largest influencer network

·         More than 1.5 billion views per month for playouts of pre-rolls and more

·         Maximum brand safety and campaign control through direct access to over 1,200 channels


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