Why startups should get to know Instant

Meet Sander Nagtegaal, founder of Instant, a serverless Content Management System. Instant offers startups the possibility to edit any text on their platform without zero programming effort.

Please read my interview with Sander to find out what Instant can do for your startup and the startup ecosystem.

Hi Sander! Could you please introduce yourself and your startup?

My name is Sander Nagtegaal. I founded Instant together with Marcel Panse in Amsterdam end of 2015. Marcel and I were involved inseveral startups before Instant; I founded Peecho, a platform for printing customized products, and was CTO at MyTomorrows, a medical startup. When building these startups Marcel and I realized that we always encountered the same problems. As a startup you want to launch a MVP as fast as possible, because time to market is important. In that phase you do not worry about content management. Then, if your startup turns out to be successful, the day will come that your marketing team wants to launch a translated version or edit some text on the platform which is extremely time consuming, because you need a developer to make the changes. And that’s where Instant steps in.

Instant adds content management to existing, custom-built websites, preferably with zero programming effort and at small cost. Meaning that by dropping in our script into a complexe website, usually built by programmers, marketeers for instance can easily and independently edit any text at the front end.

What are the opportunities and challenges you are facing?

We have raised money through an ‘incrowdfunding’ campaign last year. It was an exclusive and private crowdfunding campaign amoung carefully selected peers. The idea was to bring in knowledge and experience, like with VC’s, but also the capability of peers to collaborate on the product. This worked like hell and we raised 275.000 euro.

At the moment, our biggest challenge is to get our acquisition and retention numbers up. We are currently doing experiments to make that better. What we are struggling with is that our solution appeals to developers and to marketers, but we would love to have a product that is entirely intended to marketers. That means that we need to be able to sell it to marketers as well as to make features that can make their lives better.

We met last year at the launch of the Startup Delta Paris mentoring network — why should startups and the ecosystem in France and Europe get to know Instant?

Startups are our main target audience. I applied for the Dutchbasecamp / Startup Delta Paris Network because it is important for us that startups as well as incubators and accelerators in France and across Europe know that Instant exists. We think that our solution is interesting for all startups, because a part of our solution is a translation and localization service for people that make their own software. And I think that most of the French and other european startups that ever want to go abroad desperately need this.

Apart from that, I think that startups and the startup ecosystem could learn from Instant because of it’s serverless technology which is quite unique. When we developed the service, the basic rule applied that anything that requires maintaining an operating system could not be used. So, as a result, Instant is known as “the serverless start-up”.

If you want to invite Sander to speak at your event or if you want to learn more about Instant and its technology, please contact him! @ sander@instant.cm

Instant at London event

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